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What is Hotel Liquidation?

As the hospitality industry gets more competitive, hotels often need to update their furnishings to keep up with current trends. As a result, every six to seven years, most hotels will fully renovate their rooms. This renovation includes everything from the wallpaper and carpeting to the beds, side tables, and light fixtures. When this happens, where does the furniture go? That’s where hotel furniture liquidation comes in.

What is Hotel Furniture Liquidation?

In the most basic terms, liquidation is a way for hotels to convert their furniture assets into cash. Unlike most typical home furniture, hotel furniture is exceptionally durable, having a much longer lifespan than its counterpart. Unless necessary, hotels rarely ever throw away old FF&E and instead sell it. This is called hotel furniture liquidation, a process by which hotels can sell their old furniture and accessories for profit.

Why Use A Furniture Liquidation Service?

Clearing out hundreds of rooms in a couple of nights without disrupting operations or disturbing guests is a true feat of coordination, professionalism, and expertise. The difficulty of such an operation can be, and often is, underestimated. A team of well-trained workers and a fleet of moving trucks are essential to a quick and painless process. Even with a whole team, the process may take multiple days to finish if the hotel is more prominent. This can result in the process taking even longer than expected and means that there is a chance that you’ll end up way over budget.

Why Choose Southwest Surplus?

A good hotel liquidation company knows the obstacles to be expected and how to overcome them. We can also liaise between hotel managers and owners to ensure everyone is on the same page. To have an efficient and effective hotel liquidation, you need a company with the right mindset and experience. That is why Southwest Surplus is your ideal choice for all your hotel liquidation needs.

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