FF&E Installation what to look for in a team

What to Look for in a Team for Your FF&E Installation

The FF&E installation process can be very complex with intricate designs, elaborate furniture, busy schedules, and strict project deadlines. A professional installation team should handle the process, but what constitutes a good crew? We listed 5 things you should look for in a team when conducting your next installation project for your hotel.

Are an FF&E Installation Experienced Team

Do they have the experience to handle your project? Great teams have worked with numerous clients. Whether their clients were luxury hotels, well-known hotel chains, or antique hotels, the more experience, the better. 

Pay Close Attention to Detail

Do they emphasize attention to detail? Often, there are a ton of moving parts and things being worked on simultaneously during the installation process. It is essential that a great team of installers is being very accurate and careful, especially when the hotel is in operation, so they do not disturb your guests.

Are Quiet and Efficient

Will they be quiet and efficient during the process? If your business stays in operation while the installation process is taking place, the team must act as diligent and silent as possible to not disrupt your guests’ experiences. Additionally, make sure they plan to operate efficiently while staying quiet to get the work done timely while keeping your guests happy and undisturbed.

Offer a Full Range of Services

Do they encompass a full range of services relating to what you need? Even though you’re looking for just an installation crew, it doesn’t mean that you might not need an FF&E removal team or possible warehousing later down the line. A great team of FF&E installers offers a full range of services to help you with any additional things you may need during your project. There is no need to evaluate or reach out to other teams when you can have one that handles everything surrounding your project.

Have the Installation Tools they Need

Do they have all the appropriate tools for your project? A good team of FF&E installers will come prepared with everything necessary for the job. Ensure the crew you’re looking at has everything you need so that your FF&E can be installed properly.

Are you looking for a professional team with all of these qualities for your next hotel renovation? We are leaders in the FF&E installation industry that have a complex understanding of handling large projects while exceeding clients’ expectations. With Southwest Surplus, you can trust that we will be the reliable and efficient team you need to complete the job. Contact us today, so we can get started on talking about your next project.

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