Making Your Apartment a Home

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School’s starting, so that means many college students have begun the hunt for wholesale furniture. Why? They are finally moving into their very first apartment. Their very first place to call their own. Even though you’re only renting and your stay is temporary, you can still make your place feel like a home for as long as you’re there. So as you scour the wholesale furniture stores in Houston, keep these tips in mind.

Use those walls: You can have all the furniture in the world, but if your walls look blank, so will your room. Hang up some pictures, posters, artwork, etc.

Color those walls: A great way to flavor up a room is by painting it. Just make sure with your landlord that it’s okay first. If it’s not, use some temporary wallpaper.

Unpack quickly: The quickest way to make your home feel like home is actually getting everything unpacked. Some people stretch unpacking over days, but it’s best to knock it all out as soon as you can.

Save your boxes: You’re renting, so you’re going to be using those boxes again. Once you’re all unpacked, fold the moving boxes up and put them in a closet or under your bed.

Get rid of “that box”: We all have that one box of stuff that we lug around everywhere, but that we never actually use. This is not going to be the last time you’re moving, so determine whether or not you really want to lug that box around with you the rest of your life.

Buy a toolbox: Tools are incredibly useful. Better to have them and not need them than the other way around.

Change the lights: Every room has a light in it, and every room is affected by the light that is in it. Take charge of your rooms and put your own lighting in.

Invest in pieces that you know you will keep: Ditch the idea of waiting until you own a place to get stuff you really like. Even though it won’t last for long, this place is your home. Make it nice.  Wholesale furniture does not mean poor quality.  Wholesale furniture means affordable and practical!

Get some awesome Houston furniture: The main thing people notice in a house is the furniture. Shop the used furniture stores in Houston, especially the hotel furniture liquidators, such as ourselves. All the furniture comes from 4-5 star hotels, so it’s quality, but it’s also used, so it’s affordable.


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Making Your Apartment a Home
Prepare yourself and your student to head off to college in affordable style with help from Southwest Surplus and our great selection of wholesale furniture.

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