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Halloween is around the corner, and we know you’re looking out for some ideas to freak people out around you. But what about familiarizing with a few blood curdling Halloween themed myths as an appetizer for the big occasion? Welcome, let us share with you all about the secrets of scary pranks, zombies, spooky spirits, wild screams and most importantly scary good savings.

Myth 1. Halloween Is Satanic

Even though devils (and weird looking costumes) remain a symbol of Halloween, there is nothing satanic about it. Throughout the history of this festival, the devil hasn’t been part of the plans and contrary to some accounts, there have never been any devilish orgies carried out in the name of Halloween, ever. Halloween is simply a time when people project their fears in a safe and playful way.

Myth 2. You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins

The reason pumpkins are so popular is because they are easy to carve because they are hollowed out. Previously people used to use turnips. As spooky as they look, pumpkins are not mandatory and can be replaced with other fun features to mark the great day.

Myth 3. People hand out poisoned candy

Don’t worry about your children being tricked or treated with poisoned candy. Cases of food poisoning have never been heard in the history of Halloween, except for a few wayward scenarios here and there. So breathe, and enjoy every candy moment.

Myth 4. You have to break the bank to enjoy Halloween

Halloween spending in the US alone hit an estimated $7.29 billion in 2014 implying a trend of heavy spending. However, you don’t have to overspend to enjoy the day. You don’t have to break the bank to buy new furniture either. This time round, be on the lookout for scary good savings as well. Like you can get great used furniture at unbelievable prices by visiting a hotel liquidators store near you. So forget about the myth that you have to spend beyond your budget to make the most of this day, there are still many options for you to get good value for your money.

Myths keep coming and going. But what really matters is that Halloween is here to stay. So, Southwest Surplus is here to help you enjoy every moment of it, with low furniture warehouse prices and new and used furniture. Our Houston furniture stores and hotel furniture liquidators want to help you create great memories for generations to come. 

Scary Good Savings, No Myths Here.
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