Liquidate And Liberate This September!


Liquidate And Liberate This September!

Labor day – a time for workers to celebrate and business owners to liquidate and liberate– has a long and important history in the United States of America. It’s origins can be traced back to two important events: the New York “monster labor festival” of 1882 and the Pullman strike of 1894. The event of 1882 was followed by similar events around the country – indeed Oregon became the first State to celebrate Labor Day in 1887. The September date was chosen because the third annual New York City Labor Day holiday was held on the first Monday in September (to coincide with a conference with the Knights of Labor).

On May 11, 1894 an event occurred which transformed the way America looked at labor workers. The Pullman company, which was based in the Pullman district of Southside Chicago, decided to lay off workers and decrease pay. While this may have been enough to leave workers disgruntled, the primary cause of the ensuing strike was the fact that rent for workers living in the Pullman district was not decreased. Over 4,000 workers became involved in a wildcat strike. Soon, the American Railway Union, led by Eugene V. Debs, instigated a nationwide boycott, affecting much of the rail transport west of Detroit. At the height of the boycott, over a quarter million workers across more than half of the United States were affected.

Needing to liquidate and liberate the transportation problem, President Grover Cleveland sent in troops to stop the boycott. The ensuing chaos resulted in over $80 million in damages with thirty people dead. Hoping for national reconciliation, President Cleveland and the Congress passed a law establishing Labor Day as a national holiday six days after the strike ended.

Labor Day commemorates the dignity of employees. At Southwest Surplus, we understand that dignity is an important part of the American spirit. We also know that sometimes the best thing is a fresh start. That is why our team of professional hotel furniture liquidators can liquidate and liberate your place of business quickly and discreetly. With widespread Houston furniture stores and low furniture warehouse prices, we will be sure to handle your requests with the professionalism and dignity. Southwest Surplus wants to supply the new and used furniture demanded by those who were instrumental in making Labor Day become a reality.

Liquidate And Liberate This September!
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