The Pests of Houston Used Furniture

Houston used furniture

Houston Used Furniture

Houston Used Furniture. It’s a fantastic thing, furnishing your home for cheap. However, unless you’re buying used furniture from hotel furniture liquidators, there are some unpleasant dangers that could be lurking in the cushions of your new old couch.

  • Bedbugs. Bedbugs are frightening little pests. They feed exclusively on blood and can cause a number of health problems, such as skin rashes and allergic symptoms. Therefore, you should never pick up a mattress off the street, and it would honestly just be best to stay away from used mattresses altogether. Remember – sleeper sofas also contain mattresses in them. Bedbugs can also hide in other types of furniture, such as nightstands and dressers. And bedbugs are also insanely difficult to get rid of. If the situation gets severe enough, the only solution may be to throw out most of your stuff. So prevent against these pests by never getting used furniture unless you know where it’s been.
  • Fleas. While fleas are easier to get rid of, they could prove to be a more noticeable visitor in your home. Bedbugs only come out at night; fleas will come out whenever they please. So if you’re having guests over, they may never notice the bedbugs, but they will surely notice the fleas. So take care that you notice where your used furniture is coming from.
  • Roaches. It’s not highly likely that you will find a colony of roaches hiding out in your new old couch. However, it is certainly a possibility that there were roaches in the house that couch came from. And roaches lay eggs. So there is a possibility that the used furniture you just purchased is a time bomb for baby roaches. Prevent this by making sure you know where your furniture is coming from.

Used furniture is not inherently dangerous, so long as you know where it came from. That’s why hotel furniture liquidators such as ourselves have such a leg up over other Houston used furniture stores: you know where our furniture came from. All our furniture comes from 4-5 star hotels, so you won’t have to go to bed at night worrying about bedbugs, fleas, or roaches ever again.

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The Pests of Used Furniture
Don't let your Houston used furniture come with any unwanted bonus bugs. Shop Southwest Surplus and know the source and safety of your furniture.

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