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We have hotel surplus from 4 and 5 star hotels for amazing, unbeatable prices. This furniture comes from many different renowned hotels that needed their rooms to be liquidated of its furnishings and rugs. Get an entire bedroom set for almost 50% off the retail price! We even carry armoires, uniquely designed cabinets and chairs, and comforters to fit your design and style.

Why does a hotel or motel sell their used furniture and can you trust that you’re not purchasing something that isn’t quality merchandise?
A property owner usually has one of several reasons to sell off large lots of their furniture at one time.  Sometimes, they will even liquidate their entire collection off at once.  They may be upgrading their property and desire to purchase all new furniture for an update to their old look or to create an entirely new theme altogether. They may be renovating their rooms and need larger or smaller furniture for their new space.  They may be closing one or more of their properties for good.  That’s where a hotel liquidation furniture expert comes in.

We are going to purchase that now unwanted or unneeded liquidation furniture, display it in our hotel surplus store and in our online shop, and pass the savings on to you, the customer.  This way, you’re able to purchase new furniture at bargain furniture prices!  The customer gets high end, quality pieces that are gently used.  Also, if you like the style of a piece of furniture, say, the shape of a sofa, but don’t care for the pattern of the material on it, you are paying a steeply discounted price for the piece which means you’ll have plenty of money leftover to recover or reupholster it in exactly the pattern that coordinates with your existing furniture!  Save even more money by making it a weekend do-it-yourself project!  For a very quick, simple no-sew recovering project, check out Jessica’s couch recover at Four Generations One Roof.

Visit our hotel surplus warehouse today and see why hotel used furniture may be the right purchase for you!

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Customers, Don’t Wait Too Long!
Hotel surplus supplier Southwest Surplus shows customers why liquidated hotel furniture is a great bargain for their homes.

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