Establishing Relationships 101: Hotel Fixtures



Establishing Relationships 101: Hotel Fixtures

Choosing the correct lighting really matters. Although these hotel fixtures may seem unimportant, they make a huge difference to how the place is seen by guests. Think of the sort of environment created by bright, flashing neon lights and then compare it to the same space lit by soft, gentle, carefully concealed lighting. The difference is – sometimes quite literally – like night and day.

Different lighting effects can create different moods even within a single space. Hotel fixtures therefore need to be both versatile and carefully chosen – there’s no point in creating a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere in a restaurant through decor, seating, and music, but then ruining it by using harsh, unflattering lighting. A little thought now will bring you big rewards later.

First impressions really count in the hotel business – many guests will arrive at night, so your choice of lighting will greatly influence how they feel about the establishment. Selecting hotel fixtures that perfectly match the impression you want to convey is crucial to starting relationships with guests on a high note. Remember, lighting will affect how they see everything after dark.

In a large space like a hotel, variety is very important. Using the same lighting in the lobby as in the elevators or bedrooms will not do you any favors – it’ll just make you look unimaginative and uninspired. In every part of a hotel fixtures need to be fitted with a constant feel for what’s appropriate in any particular setting. Look around other hotels and take note of what does – and doesn’t – work well.

As any owner will know, hotel fixtures don’t always come cheap, and it’s easy to go way over budget and still end up with lighting that doesn’t feel right. Look for value when you buy, and buy local to avoid big shipping charges – if you’re after hotel fixtures in Houston, say, then find a firm of furniture liquidators in Houston and see whether they have the sort of items that would suit your own hotel.

Always bear in mind that the selection of hotel fixtures should never be treated as an unimportant afterthought. It’s absolutely central to how your guests will feel about their stay, how they’ll remember it afterwards – and the reports they’ll give to their friends and family members. To turn a good hotel experience into a great one, there’s no substitute for matching lighting to settings.

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Establishing Relationships 101: Hotel Fixtures
Hotel fixtures set the initial tone of quality. To turn a good hotel experience into a great one! There's no substitute for matching lighting to settings.

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