Out with the old, in with the new!

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Discount Furniture Houston TX

Moving furniture is hard, especially if you’re on a low budget. Movers are expensive and friends are often too busy to help out. Plus, there’s always the chance that someone will drop that lamp you loved so much, or worse, you’ll find that in your new home or apartment, there’s no room for it. And once everything gets into your new place, it just won’t be the same as how it used to be.  Here are some tips, hints, and tricks from Southwest Surplus, the best discount furniture Houston TX, to help make moving easier on you.

1.  If you’re moving locally, plan at least a month in advance to ask your friends for help (especially friends with trucks!).  Make the move a celebration of your new place and your new life and invite people to a moving party.  Everyone who helps you pack, move, and unpack can stay after all the unloading is done and enjoy a barbecue in your new backyard.  If you don’t think you’ll be ready to host a party at your home, have everyone join you at what might be your new local hangout and buy everyone appetizers.  On an even tighter budget?  How about just ordering pizzas and enjoying your new space with your good, helpful friends?  Make it fun!

2.  If your budget allows, hire a moving company.  Local companies’ rates are not too outlandish and, in the end, the headache you save yourself will be worth the price.  You could pack everything yourself and have it waiting for the movers to load and deliver or you could hire a crew that will pack, load, deliver, and unload.  If you know you’re moving in two months, this is an investment you can start saving up for now that you won’t regret.

3.  Don’t forget to have your mail forwarded (about a week before you actually move).  Don’t forget to pack a bag with items you will need the next day in case you’re too tired to unpack.  Don’t forget to defrost your fridge (if it’s going with you) at least a day before you move.  Don’t forget to label boxes with items inside as well as the room in which they go.

4.  Most importantly, thoroughly clean your new space before you move (ask your Realtor to hire a cleaning crew if you’re moving far).  You definitely don’t want to have to clean the bathrooms or kitchen after you’ve spent so much time moving.

Enjoy your new home!  Perhaps even pick up some discount furniture Houston TX if you’re moving here or staying local!

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Out with the old, in with the new!
Tips, hints, and tricks from Southwest Surplus, the best discount furniture Houston TX, to help make moving easier on you.

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