The Cheap Mattresses Houston Story


The Cheap Mattresses Houston Story

Johnny was tired of the old mattress. It tended to sink into the skeleton of his bed and whatever he did, it never seemed possible that he could sleep comfortably. He liked to draw and paint while lying down, but every time he tried, he found it progressively harder because his mattress could never support his pencil, the book he used for drawing or the children’s canvas he wanted to paint on. Even though he knew that his mom could not afford some of the mattress in town, he also knew there were cheap mattresses Houston, and all he needed to do was to convince his mama that they look around. And he would help. He wanted to help because he was tired of the old mattress, tired of not sleeping well and tired of not being able to read, draw or paint in bed.

One day, as Johnny was walking home from school, he saw a liquidator’s store that promised lots of stuff at really low prices. Although he was very young, he knew that such a store would offer a range of items, and he believed that he could at least try and see whether there were mattresses in there. The problem was that he could not go in there and look around because as a child, he did not have any money of his own. But he now did have an idea of where his mom could have a look at cheap mattresses Houston and buy him one.

Upon reaching home that day, Johnny did not even stop to play. Putting his school bag away, he ran to the garden and told his mother about the store. She liked the idea and together, they headed out to take a look at the cheap mattresses Houston as advertised by the shop. The pair left home shortly afterwards, with Johnny sporting a huge smile and the cheapest new mattress in all of Houston.

Southwest Surplus is here to make every childhood fairytale come to life. With our low furniture warehouse prices and hotel furniture liquidation, you can get new and used furniture Houston from any of our many Houston furniture stores. Join Johnny and turn your dream into action with Southwest Surplus’ cheap mattresses Houston.


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The Cheap Mattresses Houston Story
Join Johnny and turn your dream into life-changing action, with Southwest Surplus' cheap mattresses Houston. Life doesn't have to be a fairytale anymore!

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