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Liquidate And Liberate This September! Labor day – a time for workers to celebrate and business owners to liquidate and liberate– has a long and important history in the United States of America. It’s origins can be traced back to two important events: the New York “monster labor festival” of 1882 and the Pullman strike Continue Reading


Our Houston TX Furniture Stores Get You Liquidated! If you have hotel furniture that you no longer need or want, Houston TX furniture stores can help. Besides evaluating your hotel furniture inventory, the consultants will also offer viable options for liquidation and reuse. However, due to the wide variability in used hotel furniture valuation (in Continue Reading


The Sectional Sofas Houston TX Offers, Bring Amazing Health Benefits! More likely than not, you have heard it said that exercise is good for the body. However, trying to really exercise in a gym or in your house does not always tend to be the case in reality. But why exercise if you always do Continue Reading


The Best Furniture Store In Houston TX Just Got Better! Furniture is among the most used commodity in today’s life (the best, of course, being YOUR furniture store in Houston TX!) Most of the homes or office furniture are made from the woods that are manufactured by certain companies. Wood from a tree cannot become Continue Reading


You Still Have That Hotel Bedroom Furniture? Do you really need to clear your hotel bedroom furniture? Hotel bedroom furniture needs to be cleared once in a while. This could be a result of several reasons. It may be because the furniture looks old-fashioned and seems to have outlived it’s usefulness. It could be because it Continue Reading

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Get Schooled With Savings! Irrespective of the kind of school your children attend, you as a responsible parent will know and realize that back to school supplies is an expense that you must handle deftly. The good news is that these costs will be lower this year as compared to last year. Get ready to Continue Reading


Greatest Furniture Resale Houston Doesn’t Know, Is Revealed! Changing government policies on the environment, the decline of specific hardwood trees, and the increased costs of production has put furniture prices at an all time high. Also, due to the cost of living, many people can only afford a few pieces of modern furniture. However, what Continue Reading


Are Recliners Houston Savvy? Southwest Surplus is here to keep you in the loop. The results are in: absolutely. Recliners Houston have come to be everybody’s beloved and irrespective of age groups. It has taken comfort to a whole new level. The chairs have also developed to enable people who have a problem with mobility Continue Reading


Hotel Headboards: Last Century Luxury, This Century Tacky Hotel headboards are a kind of furniture which is attached to the head of beds in many hotels. Nowadays you can see these in some “luxurious” hotels in many different styles and designs. Mainly these hotel headboards are placed to bring the room a sense of luxury Continue Reading


The Sizzling Summer Special Savings Even Hotter Than Texas!   Summer is a time where everybody tends to spend a lot of money on things to keep them, the friends, and the family happy. It can be either because of holidays, weddings, or some sizzling summer special activity. During the summer season, people also love to Continue Reading

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