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The Real Refund

The Real Refund!

We know it is April Fools’ Day, but this is no joke! Southwest Surplus is back and giving you exactly what you want. No more taxing applications and stressful Spring cleaning. It is time to take “tax”ing out of tax season. The only season we want to be celebrating is Spring! Luckily, you just found Continue Reading


  The Public Surplus Houston Serves To Everyone!! We can all agree that buying furniture in the city of Houston can be quite time consuming and expensive. Now, the time consuming bit is not a problem at all, but the expenditure bit is quite an issue for most of us. You do not want to Continue Reading


A Discount Mattress Houston Supplies, WINS THE GOLD. Every person spends approximately a third of their lives sleeping. For this reason you need to ensure that you have a good sleep every night. Sleeping badly can have numerous negative effects on both your well-being and health including your energy levels, mood and everyday alertness. Since Continue Reading


The Cheap Mattresses Houston Story Johnny was tired of the old mattress. It tended to sink into the skeleton of his bed and whatever he did, it never seemed possible that he could sleep comfortably. He liked to draw and paint while lying down, but every time he tried, he found it progressively harder because Continue Reading


  Establishing Relationships 101: Hotel Fixtures Choosing the correct lighting really matters. Although these hotel fixtures may seem unimportant, they make a huge difference to how the place is seen by guests. Think of the sort of environment created by bright, flashing neon lights and then compare it to the same space lit by soft, Continue Reading


SCARY GOOD SAVINGS, NO MYTHS HERE. Halloween is around the corner, and we know you’re looking out for some ideas to freak people out around you. But what about familiarizing with a few blood curdling Halloween themed myths as an appetizer for the big occasion? Welcome, let us share with you all about the secrets Continue Reading


The Surplus Furniture Store That Brings You Change Change is such a powerful thing, yet many people are afraid of it! Human beings live in the day to day and there is only ever the moment. However, we often find ourselves clinging to the past, burying ourselves in nostalgia of what used to be. Change Continue Reading


Shout Out To The Cheap Furniture Houston TX Offers! Did you know that Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday dedicated to expressing gratitude? In 1965, people from around the world attended a Thanksgiving dinner at the International East-West Center in Hawaii in which expressions of thanks were shared. The attendees were so impressed that they decided Continue Reading


Those Bedroom Sets Houston Saves Just For You! Giving your bedroom a major overhaul is perhaps one of the most thrilling redecorating plans you will ever do to your house. Without the slightest of doubts, the benefits that come with redecorating your bedroom are utterly profound, to say the least. Whether you are a laid Continue Reading


Gaining Leverage With A Hotel Liquidator What do you do when you have unwanted furniture with no place to put or sell it? When running a hotel, there comes a time when liquidating the hotel furniture is the only option for meeting your current obligations. However, liquidation does not necessary mean that you are facing working Continue Reading

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